Dubai commits to electric mobility in collaboration with Circontrol

Dubai commits to electric mobility in collaboration with Circontrol

Dubai, through its Water and Electricity Authority, has announced the installation of 84 charging stations situated throughout its urban centre. Catalonia-based company Circontrol, an active member of LIVE, will be responsible for installing the stations, and will also be working with the UAE city to promote the use of electric vehicles. This investment is aimed at converting Dubai into one of the world’s leading Smart Cities, through a determined commitment to energy efficiency, one of the key aspects in this type of cities.

Furthermore, the Royal Automobile Club of Western Australia (RAC), which has always bet on the most innovative ways of transport decided to impulse the electric vehicle through the first “Electric Highway” in the country. This highway enables drivers to travel the 310 km between Perth and Augusta, in the south-west area of the country, without suffering for its autonomy. This is possible because since June there are 12 ultra quick publicly accessible charging stations manufactured by Circontrol and spread all along the route.

Circontrol has more than 20,000 electric vehicle charging stations operating around the world and in June launched its new 43 kW charging equipment. This new system allows for the rapid charging of AC electric vehicles, including models such as the Renault ZOE, Tesla Model S and BYD e6.


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