MOVEA CALL 2017: You have no excuse for not switching to sustainable mobility!*

MOVEA CALL 2017: You have no excuse for not switching to sustainable mobility!*

Movea Plan continues with its implementation in Spain: This mid-June, terms and conditions for 2017 were announced.

This year, 14,26 millions euros in incentives will be offered to make the transition to sustainable mobility. Unlike the last two editions, this time the plan will subsidise not only electric vehicles but also those powered by gas- compressed or liquefied – and hydrogen.

The amounts of the grants included in Movea Plan are the following:

– Gas Liquefied from Petroleum Vehicles (GLP); between 500 and 15.000 euros
– Natural Gas Vehicles: between 1.000 and 18.000 euros
– Fuel Cell Vehicles (hydrogen): 5.500 euros
– All-electric Vehicles, Plug-In Hybrids and Extended-Range Vehicles: between 1.100 and 15.000 euros.
– Electric Quadricycles: between 1.950 and 2.350 euros
– Electric Motorbikes: between 1.000 and 2.000 euros.

This year the charging points are included in Movea Plan, with incentives of 1.000 euros to conventional charging points and 15.000 to fast charge points. It’s worth mentioning that if the charging point is located in the street, the grant can be up to 40%.

Grants for vehicles are open to all natural persons, freelancers, private companies, local entities, autonomous regions and public entities linked or under the State Administration. Grants to acquire charging points are restricted to natural persons and freelancers.

Car dealerships that want to qualify for the Plan will have to apply an additional discount of 1.000 euros to all their vehicles, except quadricycles (where the discount has to be of 150 euros) and motorbikes (without discount). Also, the car dealerships will be requested to commit their selves to facilitate a charging point for electric vehicles.

Grants can be applied for until the 15th of October or for until the available funds are exhausted.

In the website of Live Barcelona you will find more information about how you can apply Movea Plan incentives.

*Update at 08/08/2017: Funds already given. On hold until re-budgeting on september.[:]

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