COP21 Climate Change Conference

COP21 Climate Change Conference

The COP21 Climate Change Conference will take place in Paris in December this year. The main objective of this international meeting is to reach a worldwide agreement that defines global climate policies and the international cooperation agreements that are to be implemented from 2020 onwards. The agreement will be tailored to renew and replace the terms and conditions of the Kyoto Protocol, setting more ambitious goals and objectives.

Key issues for discussion at the summit include climate funding, the role of China and the US and the involvement of the private sector. This latter point is crucial for platforms such as LIVE, which promote sustainability and other environmental issues through ongoing collaboration between public and private organisations.

Public-private partnerships allow for the growth of feasible projects in all senses, including negotiated phases tailored to favour all stakeholders and particularly on a social level, generating results that benefit everyone.

Indeed, one of LIVE’s main objectives is to boost research and develop new projects that bring together the public and private sectors. In this sense, both the management board and collaborators work closely with both public and private organisations. The concerns, training, new projects and target markets of each may vary, but they are brought together under the LIVE umbrella in order to improve mobility, creating a more sustainable concept based on electric and natural gas vehicles.

Although it may seem that the Paris Conference is far removed from LIVE’s principles and objectives, international events such as this provide the foundations for our further development and that of similar platforms and enable us to grow by creating a working framework and sharing with us the vital objective of improving the environment and sustainability.

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