For some time now, leading car manufacturers have set their sights on the development of electric or gas-powered vehicles. Good proof of this are the almost 600,000 different models that are expected to be on the roads by the end of this month.

At the same time, the Live platform is striving to convert the city of Barcelona, its metropolitan area and Catalonia in general into a key reference in sustainable mobility, fostering different initiatives in the fields of project support, adaptation and an improved awareness of electric and gas-powered vehicles.

Institutions and car manufacturers alike have placed their bets on electric vehicles and NGVs. Nonetheless, you might still be wondering about the real benefits of this change of mentality and move toward more sustainable transport. What advantages does it offer users? What are the costs and what incentives are consumers offered?

If you are mulling over whether to opt for green mobility and responsible energy consumption, a specific section of the Live platform’s website is dedicated to all the special aids and incentives that can help you make the move. Here are some key examples:

Financial aid

Price is no excuse when it comes to vehicles that run on alternative energies, since several subsidies are available that will appeal to both companies and private users. In this second case, mention must be made of PIVE (the Efficient Vehicle Incentive Programme), aimed at encouraging the renewal of family cars with more energy-efficient models; the new Plan MOVEA, which will enter into force in January 2017 and provides aid for the purchase of vehicles powered by alternative energies; or a 200-euro subsidy for the purchase of electric bikes, among others.

You can find details of the financial aid, incentives and subsidies , here. This link is regularly updated to include any new information on financial support.

Priority for green mobility and access to charge points

Nowadays, not only car manufacturers are moving toward electric mobility. Cities are also adapting their infrastructure to contribute to eco-friendlier forms of transport. The installation of electric vehicle charge points is one of the priorities of current green planning and, with this in mind, charge stations have been fitted in some apartment blocks, car parks and other strategic locations.

Savings on energy and money

As well as helping to care for the environment, vehicles powered by alternative energies also help to save money. Free use of toll roads or cheaper tolls on dual carriageways than motorways are now a reality for users of these kinds of vehicles, and some municipalities even reward you by providing free parking through the use of an electric vehicle card.

Improved environmental conditions

Although this is the most obvious argument in favour of these vehicles, it may not have been given the attention it deserves. The impact of environmental pollution on our health is more than worrying and urgent measures must be taken. As Doctor Jordi Sunyer pointed out: “30% of all strokes, 20% of all heart attacks and 30% of all lung cancer are caused by pollution from exhaust pipes.” Seen from this perspective, it makes no sense to pursue research into drug treatments if we fail to make parallel efforts to minimize the risks, which we can actually remedy.

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