CENIT VERDE impulsa la mobilitat elèctrica a Espanya

SEAT has taken part in the CENIT VERDE research project, based on study and research into the necessary technologies for implementing electric vehicles in Spain. Over a period of four years, and with a budget of 34 million euros, more than 800 professionals, 16 companies from the private sector and 14 public companies have been working on this task of finding sustainable alternatives with respect to the automotive industry, infrastructures and energy.

The results of the project were announced during the closing event held on 12 June, which was attended by representatives from the different companies taking part, with the SEAT LEÓN VERDE prototype being highlighted in the automotive category. This electric vehicle is interconnected to an intelligent recharge management system.

CENIT VERDE has enabled great progress to be made in the electric mobility sector in terms of aspects such as batteries, integration of the vehicle into the electric system, recharge infrastructure and communications between the vehicle and the electrical grid.

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