Catalunya se situa al capdavant de la Unió Europea en reducció d’emissions de CO2

Data from the last year evaluated, 2011, indicate that, although the whole Spanish State increased emissions of greenhouse gases by 0.5%, the Catalonia reduced by nearly 4%, following the trend of EU-27 (-3.3%).

Emissions of greenhouse gases (GHG) in Catalonia in 2011 fell nearly 4% over the previous year. It is the fourth consecutive year where one can observe emissions reductions, with 1.86 million tons of CO2 less than in 2010, and stood at 45.9 million tonnes of CO2, which would amount to 1995 levels.

This was explained last week by Josep Enric Llebot, Secretary of Environment and Sustainability, during the presentation of the Fourth Progress Report in Catalonia about the objectives of Kyoto. The paper assesses the degree of achievement of the Framework Plan for mitigation of climate change in Catalonia 2008-2012, which aims to contribute to achieve, in proportion, the target set by the Kyoto Protocol for the Spanish state, and also to be prepared to incorporate European agreements for the reduction of greenhouse gases for the period 2013-2020. According to Llebot, “climate change concernes the Government of the Generalitat, and because of that its being prepared the draft Law on Climate Change, which will be used to assume the greatest rigor responsability possible on diffuse emissions.”

Of the total emissions, 34% (15.67 Mt CO2) correspond to the installations under Directive Emission Trading (169 rooms) and the remaining 66% (30.3 Mt CO2) are attributed to diffuse sectors, such as transport, waste, agriculture, or other facilities not regulated by the Directive.

The whole Spanish State emissions increased slightly in 2011 (+0.5%) in contrast to Catalonia, which decreased (-3.9%), following the trend in the EU-27 (-3.3%). Per capita emissions were 6.1 t CO2 for Catalonia, 7.6 t CO2 for Spain and 9.1 t CO2 for the EU-27.[:]

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