B:SM incorpora tres nous vehicles elèctrics a la seva flota

Barcelona Municipal Services (B:SM) is committed to electric mobility. The company has added three new electric scooters to their current electric vehicles fleet, comprising a total of 15 sustainable vehicles: Twitzy 4 cars, 1 car Reva, 7 new bikes Govecs (eCooltra) and 3 Scutum.

B:SM aim is to continue incorporating electric vehicles. Because of that, B:SM is carrying out a transformation of their fleet. B:SM follows LIVE’s direction which is to promote the innovation in electric mobility worldwide.

Another proof that shows B:SM commitment with electric mobility are the net electrical outlets located in public parks. There are more than 75 outlets based around the city. The newest have been installed at the Boqueria’s parking and at Marqués de Mulhacen’s street. The objective is to install 250 more than the current network.[:]

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