B:SM incorpora tres motos elèctriques a la seva flota

B:SM incorpora tres motos elèctriques a la seva flota

B:SM (Barcelona of Municipal Service), reaffirming its commitment to electric mobility, has added three new electric bikes to its fleet Scutum to their current vehicles, in total 15 EVs: 4 cars Twizy, 1 car Reva 7 Grovex bikes and 3 new Scutum.

After several months of testing, after which it was decided that its benefits are those that best meet the needs of its workers, the new acquisitions will be allocated to the divisions of Green Area, Parking and Bicing.

The new additions are part of the future plans of B:SM that continues to reconvert its fleet so that in the future they can have a cleaner fleet that contributes to a better environmental quality. In addition, with the opening of two new car parks in the Boqueria market and the Marqués de Mulhacen, B:SM reaches the figure of 75 charging points in its network of parks, this number is gonna increase into 250 outlets more.

Thus, the company follows the line marked by the LIVE Barcelona project, which promotes the use of electric vehicles to position Barcelona as one of the leading cities in electric mobility.


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