Barcelona recrea una ciutat 100% elèctrica

During the last weekend took place the EXPOelèctric Formula-e Barcelona, the most important event of electric vehicles in southern Europe that has become additionally in a citizen event of EVS27. The aim of this initiative,which has received 1,000 attendants and 500 tests of electric vehicles, is to bring electric vehicles to the public through a series of fun and outreach activities that are totally free.

In this third edition you could find, apart from the new realization of what is called the Large Scale EV Demonstration, a show that was intended to collect real images of a future 100% electric city. It was the only type of demonstration like this in Europe that wanted to show the contrast of the differences between the movement of vehicles in normal traffic conditions and circulation of only sustainable vehicles.

To carry out the demonstration, the vehicle circulation was cut in some parts of Roger de Flor in Barcelona, and was only possible to circulate in electric vehicles. At the same time these vehicles were circulating the levels of pollution in the atmosphere (immission), noise (sound level), heat emission (thermography) were measured and information on the social impact of the experience was taken. The data collected together with the measures collected in a day of conventional circulation, are intended to be used in future studies of implementation of electric mobility in any European city.

According to the conclusions of EV Large Scale Demonstration, if Barcelona was 100% electric it would reduce in half the sense of noise, meaning the sound would go down 7 decibels.[:]

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