Barcelona presenta el seu primer taxi elèctric al saló internacional del automòbil de Frankfurt

The Mayor of Barcelona, Xavier Trias, attended the 65th edition of the international motor show in Frankfurt (Germany) in order to present the city’s first all-electric taxi, the Nissan e-NV200 model. This edition, which runs until September 22, focuses on electric vehicles, which proves that electric mobility is now a reality.

At the press conference organised jointly with the Executive Vice-President of Nissan, Andy Palmer, Trias said that electric vehicles are a revolution in environmental and health terms, and mentioned the importance of promoting electric buses and even electric bicycles.

Barcelona City Council and the automobile manufacturer have signed an agreement which includes specific actions to foster the implantation of this type of taxi in the city and its metropolitan area, and to also promote the use of this type of vehicles among urban goods distribution companies. The measures foreseen in this agreement include improvements to the electric vehicle charge point network and the introduction of incentives for drivers of sustainable vehicles.

The reason for implanting the electric taxi is to make Barcelona a leader in implementing this type of vehicle in public transport and the transport of goods, while improving the quality of the city’s air. It is envisaged that marketing of this new electric model, which will be manufactured in Zona Franca (Barcelona), will start in 2014 and that the electric taxi will be in operation by May. The manufacture of this new model represents an investment of 100 million euros and the creation of 700 new jobs. It is foreseen that approximately 20,000 vehicles per year will be manufactured and distributed all over the world.

Font: La Vanguardia


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