Barcelona, líder en mobilitat elèctrica

Barcelona has promoted the implementation and development of e-mobility through the LIVE platform and the Catalan Institute for Energy Research (IREC).

Catalonia is the Spanish region with the highest number of electric vehicle registrations (631) since the beginning of 2012. This figure represents a year-to-year growth rate of 312%. 75.6% of total sales in the region are concentrated in Barcelona, with 476 vehicles registered during the same period.

Barcelona is also the European capital with the highest number of electric motorcycles. Thanks of the initiative of the Catalan scooter rental firm eCooltra, there are now almost 1,000 electric scooters on the streets of Barcelona.

What is more, Barcelona’s public transport fleets include 300 electric vehicles and it is the Spanish city with the largest number of charging stations for electric vehicles (250).

All the above has converted Barcelona into an international leader in e-mobility, on an equal footing with other international capitals such as Shanghai, Los Angeles, Berlin or London. For this reason, the city has been chosen to host the 27th edition of the Electric Vehicle Symposium (EVS27) which will take place in November 2013.

The city, led by the city council, aims to continue consolidating its position as the leader of the booming electric mobility sector, which, according to the consultant firm LUX Research, will reach €20,000 within 5 years.


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