Barcelona, la tercera ciutat europea en l’ús d’híbrids per al transport públic urbà

During the past year, the capital of Catalonia has been conducting tests on five city buses with hybrid engines as part of the European Union Elena programme for local assistance in the energy sector for the development of sustainable solutions. The test programme consisted of driving the vehicles without passengers, in order to measure consumption and emissions, and closed circuit tests.

According to TMB, this type of technology is the most ecological option of all those available for use in city buses, as it obtains a reduction in consumption and emissions of between 20 and 30%. The city, which already has 90 hybrid buses, is the third in Europe to use this type of vehicle in its public bus fleet, preceded by the British cities of London and Manchester. The idea is to continue increasing the number of sustainable buses to 100 this spring and to 120 in the mid-term.


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