Barcelona i el Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya acullen les Jornades de promoció al sector de la motocicleta on destaquen les activitats dirigides al vehicle elèctric

This weekend, 5 and 6 July, will be held at the Circuit de Barcelona – Catalonia and in the city of Barcelona a number of activities around the motorcycle sector. Under the Circuit Barcelona – Catalonia it will be held a technical conference organized by Barcelona Activa, the Cluster of the motorcycle and the Circuit Barcelona-Catalonia itself, which includes presentations by companies like DOGA, BULTACO or SCUTUM, among others. At this conference, attendees will learn the latest industry developments in the sector. It will exist a testing electric circuit for scooters for everyone who wishes to try or to know more about it.

This weekend also gonna be held the second edition of the Barcelona Smart Moto Challenge, organized by the Smart Moto Challenge Foundation, a global university competition, with business collaboration, which aims at the integral development of electric bike for urban traffic. Participants will have to conceptualize, design, create and build a fully functional prototype and develop homologous and a business plan that includes strategies for presenting their vehicle to the market.

The project follows the example of success in the automotive sector of the Formula SAE initiated in the U.S., and has continued in Europe with Formula Student. In this case, it started a competition oriented for bikes, historical, and industrially powerful tradition in the Catalonia competition department. This initiative has the support of the City of Barcelona, through Barcelona Activa, so it has two advantages: firstly facilitates training college students to develop their projects in a comprehensive way, from design and manufacturing to commercialization. And for businesses, the ability to innovate free of charge, since their involvement is to facilitate materials to carry out the projects. In this second edition will participate teams from 10 universities around the world: Ecuador, Russia, Poland and universities of Barcelona and Girona.

The tournament will take place in two different scenarios. On Saturday, July 5 it will be made the design evaluation and testing techniques to Montmelo circuit, while Sunday 6 July, the winning projects in the various categories will be presented to Navy Pier. Moreover, in this year, during the activities of Sunday in Barcelona (Moll de Marina), there will be an exhibition of classic bikes courtesy of the Motorcycle Museum and you can also find a go karts electrical circuit for children where they will receive a lecture and practice safe and efficient driving.[:]

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