Barcelona és la setena ciutat del món en mobilitat elèctrica

Electric mobility is becoming increasingly popular and both cities and their inhabitants are beginning to recognize those benefits. In the other hand the initiatives to promote the use of sustainable transport are in constant growing.

Barcelona is a city of reference in electric mobility and because of that its on the seventh position of the world ranking of cities that promote the development of electric mobility solutions, extracted from the report EV City Casebook 2012 from the International Energy Agency (IEA). The fact that Barcelona is driven by strong initiatives to improve the sustainability and quality of its citizens, made the Catalan capital included in this study; a paper that examines one by one the cities concerning the use of electric vehicles, for the second consecutive year along with 15 other large cities like Berlin, Los Angeles, New York or Shanghai.

The city is known for having the cleanest bus fleet in Europe with more than 300 electric vehicles in public fleets and municipal services. It’s also known for being a leader in electric motorcycles thanks to the sharing and renting initiatives, and on top of all has more than 260 charging points. Manufacturers like Nissan have chosen precisely the city of Barcelona as a center of global production to their new 100% electric van (e-NV200) that will be the model used for electric taxis that will circulate in Barcelona and New York.[:]

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