Barcelona es converteix en la capital del vehicle elèctric

Barcelona has hosted this November two events that transforms the Catalan city in the world capital of electric mobility, the ExpoElèctric Formula-e and the Electric Vehicle Symposium & Exhibition (EVS27).

In the past 16th and 17th of November is being held the ExpoElèctric Formula-e EVS27, an event that aims to bring the public closer to the industry sector while stimulating demand for this type of vehicle. The ExpoElèctric, which will feature more than 40 exhibitors and more than 150 electric vehicles, will allow visitors to experience the latest technologies on the market and give the opportunity of getting behind the wheel of the latest models of cars, motorcycles and sustainable bicycles. Its most prominent feature is the Large Scale EV Demonstration, an European pioneering demonstration of how it would be a 100% electric city with data of air quality, sound and thermal emissions.

Since last Monday, November 18th, and until today is being celebrated for the first time in Barcelona, in the Gran Vía de la Fira de Barcelona, the 27th edition of the largest electric mobility conference worldwide, the EVS. The symposium will bring together more than 500 industry experts, among whom are leading academics and government and industry representants that will explore the challenges that one needs to overcome to shift to a more sustainable world. The event will feature an exhibition area, with over 170 exhibitors, where you can find the latest innovations of global electric transportation, and where Live platform will also be present with a booth, shared with the Generalitat de Barcelona, the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona and the Barcelona City Council that will unveil the highlights of electric mobility projects in the territory. This stand will also host the Innovation Zone, that the City Council of Barcelona offers, through Barcelona Activa, this will be a place where local companies can get a boost by making themselfs known to all visitors. This time, the companies selected are OTC Engineering, Drive the City, Evectra, Cinergia Otocycles, Debione Motorcycles, Scutum and Alfer Motorcycles.

Sonia Recassens, Deputy Mayor for Economy, Business and Employment of the Barcelona City Council, ensures that these events “allow Barcelona to continue promoting the country as an economic engine and projecting the city as an international benchmark in the introduction of electric vehicles.”[:]

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