Barcelona acull un nou projecte per recarregar vehicles elèctrics amb energia solar

The “Recargo” project is based on supplying electric vehicles for urban services through four charge points supplied through a 16 kWp photovoltaic installation. Three companies will be responsible for executing it: E.ON, CIRCUTOR and URBASER.

E.ON will provide energy solutions that improve the energy consumption of the vehicle owners and CIRCUTOR will execute the installation, through its Circutor Energy division, with equipment that permits the regulation of the photovoltaic system production, to modulate the power of the inverters and produce exactly the amount of energy required to meet demand without injecting electricity into the grid. The “Recargo” project also considers the possibility of giving the batteries a second life through reusing those of the electric vehicles that URBASER has been operating since 2009.

The project constitutes an important commitment in favour of electric mobility and involves a large investment. The installation will be operating at the EVS27 international electric vehicle symposium which will be held in Barcelona from 17 – 20 November.[:]

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