Aquest estiu, mou-te per Barcelona en vehicle elèctric

The city is committed to sustainable mobility and is promoting the use of this type of transport through two initiatives: the eMobike electric bicycle project and the rental of electric cars, both aimed as much at tourists as the city’s residents.


Car-sharing is a system of renting vehicles by the hour aimed at residents and tourists. It is currently implemented in over 600 cities worldwide and is increasingly oriented towards electric vehicles.

Barcelona is no exception. For this reason, since June, a new rental service has been in operation, managed by the company IF Renting, who have put 18 vehicles into circulation which can be rented from the car park of the SABA Company in Plaza Catalunya.

The service is offered by the hour and is aimed at both tourists and residents of Barcelona. The rental of each car includes a parking card which also allows the user to recharge the car with no fee at various points around the city. In addition, to encourage regular clients, there is the possibility of subscribing to the scheme paying a yearly (€100) or half-yearly (€60) fee.

The Renault Twizy is the chosen vehicle, 100% electric, small ( with a 2-person capacity ) a range of 100 km, and a top speed of 50-70 km/h.

This new service forms part of the Green eMotion, programme, promoted by the European Commission, with the objective of accelerating the implementation of electric cars within the European area.

Get around on an electric bicycle

The electric version of “Bicing” has already been a reality in Barcelona since last June. It is called eMobike and has 20 stations, distributed throughout the city, and a total of 80 bicycles. The service, aimed primarily at foreign customers, is offered through dozens of hotels and allows long journeys to be made, having a range of about 40 km. and has various free parking spaces.

The company M.A.M. Energía has chosen Barcelona and Mallorca to launch this service, which is currently in the testing phase. The service is complemented by an application for mobile devices that sign-posts eMobike points within the city, as well as recommending tourist routes and providing information about the main points of interest.

The makers of eMobike expect around 7,000 people to use this means of transport during the summer.

Success stories of electric car-sharing in Europe

European cities like Oslo or Paris already have their own systems of electric car-sharing. In Norway, the service began with 13 vehicles and three stations and in little more than a year it acquired 1,000 users and had 80 vehicles in operation.

For its part, the French capital wanted to make a firm commitment to electric vehicle rental with a project (Autolib) that will have a fleet of up to 5,000 units by 2016, with an investment of more than 230 million euros.[:]

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