81% of Barcelona citizens would like to drive an electric vehicle

81% of Barcelona citizens would like to drive an electric vehicle

Barcelona is a city open to sustainable mobility and to new city transport models. In fact, 8 out of 10 citizens of Barcelona affirm they would like to drive an electric vehicle.

This is one of the key findings that can be taken from the first study by the Mobility Forum sponsored by Alphabet,  a leasing multi-brand company, fleet management and corporate mobility. The objective of this forum is to analyze and disseminate the travel habits of citizens.

In this direction, Rocío Carrascosa, director of the Mobility Forum, said: “This initiative will allow companies and public administration to have access to relevant information to bring adapted solutions to the real needs of citizens”. Adding that “Mobility Forum represents a bridge between industry, government and citizens.”

Another relevant data extracted from the study refers to the estimated calculation of what it costs to keep a vehicle per year. In this regard, 73% of Barcelona citizens spent more than 1,000€ per year in vehicle maintenance and 26% over 2000€.

Twenty-four percentage of the locals use the car to access the city center, but it is noteworthy that 42% would be in favor of charging for access to city center by car, as is done in other European capitals as London. Barcelona has the the most favorable citizens to establish this measure, followed by Madrid (32%).

This is the reality on mobility in Barcelona. A reality that opens the door to explore new ways to access the inner city without using the car. In this direction, for years it is speculated the possibility of leaving the car in a free parking on the outskirts of the city and access the metropolitan center with free public transportation. According to the Mobility Forum sponsored by Alphabet, 70% of the people asked say that they are open to use this future possibility in Barcelona.


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